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super cute game! the characters were adorable c:

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this game is so so cute, funny, charming, and well done! i love it :)) finding it really made my day <3


I played the game and did a small video on it, it is so so cute and if i had scrolled down and actually read the instructions I would have known how to play xD 

Such a lovely game! 

I really appreciate you taking the time to make a video!! Hopefully you got to see the little boat animation when you move the frog too :)


I can't get enough of this game! It's so silly and heartwarming.  I also love how user friendly it is (i'm as tech savy as a boomer). Thank you for making my day!

Thanks so much for playing it <3

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Loved the game. Very wholesome and the music was soothing. Also, I loved the humour, very cute and silly :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


This is such a cute and simple game! The visual design of it is very soothing and so is the music! I loved the creative little puns and cheeky little dialogues! The bottom feeder one had me like o-o. I love frogs :)

♥️♥️ thanks so much for playing! This was one of my first times writing dialogue so I really appreciate the kind words


This game was insanely cute. Not a huge dating-sim guy but this came of more as wholesome than cheesy. I love the puns and the dialogue between the fishes and items. The design or visuals of the game was minimalistic and actually enhances the simple and wholesome interactions of the game. It was fun catching fishes and seeing what their interactions will be with the frog! Enjoyed it thoroughly but I'm not sure if there is an end to this game. I think I caught all the fish I could so an end screen with all the fishes or items we caught together with the frog would be super wholesome. Loved it and its a wholesome/10


Normally not into dating sim-esque stuff, but this definitely comes off as a parody so I'll accept it.

The puns are funny. Both the innocent and crass wordplay amuse like they're supposed to, even if the general experience isn't one to laugh out loud about.

The female frog protagonist is actually rather endearing. Generic visual design, but for a small freeware project that's fair. The sound effect for her shooting her tongue out is cute, and sounds distinctive from similar high-pitched "tongue" sounds from other cutesy characters; I could tell this apart from Yoshi for example.

The gameplay is what it says it is, so the slow pace makes sense. I like the mechanic of actually charging up the tongue, including the animation both for the protagonist sucking in her breath, and of the tongue itself when it lashes out.

The only thing I'd recommend changing is adding an ending after each fish, and "fish", has been caught. Maybe have the protagonist in an MS Paint "The end" screen with a reverse harem in her kitchen or something. Other than that, an impressive and amusing pastime/skill-sharpening/self-teaching project. Credit for making, and for sharing.


This is so delightful and adorable!