Depersonalize Me is a game about depersonalization which makes me feel like the world isn't real and everything is strange. I tried to capture how my anxiety activates it and how it's hard, but not impossible, to recover when it happens.

The light, positive thoughts will disappear on their own. When they spawn they reduce the anxiety level. The dark, negative thoughts don't go away on their own and must manually be thrown in the trash. They increase the anxiety level just by being around. The recycle bin can be used to temporarily remove thoughts and they'll come back after a few seconds.

Unity's WebGL games can't use the audio mixer so the sound effects aren't the same. For the best version of the game download and play the .exe locally.

If you have anxiety or depersonalization I'd love to know what you think of this! Feel free to reach out to me too! I'd love to talk about what causes it and how to alleviate it.


More information

Published99 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorAnthony Tesija
Tagsanxiety, depersonalization, depersonalize, thought, youjam
Average durationA few minutes


Download (24 MB)


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It's an interesting game. I liked that you used your personal experiences to make it. I have anxiety, and I think I can relate most to the difficulty of trying to stop(catch) the negative thoughts, and to get rid of them.

I wrote about it a little more in my blog entry, here:

Yes of course! I'd love to read it when you're done if you send it to me too. Thanks for checking it out.

Sure! It's been a while, but it can be found here: :)

I am dissasosiative and this was so real to me, reguardless of the bad things, it was good to recognize that I could "recycle" my thoughts when feeling dissasociated. Thanks for recognizing this, even in a game:)

No problem! Thanks so much for playing and sharing about yourself :)