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Wow, this sounds awesomesauce already, cant wait to make a video on this! I'll make sure to leave a link to the game in the description for you!

Thanks! Can't wait to see it :)

Oh man, I was excited to see the title of this game! I definitely feel you. Lately, it's been so hard to remember things. Every time someone asks me what I did yesterday I can only say that I "worked". And even that's a lie sometimes lol. I barely feel connected with conversations anymore.

I thought it was very accurate & clever how it's easier to put things off for a bit by chucking them in the Recycle bin. I let the dark thoughts get too all over the place and it was almost impossible to put them in the trash with it jumping everywhere.

Thank you for making this! it was interesting to see how other people think day-to-day. Wishing you the best. c:

Thanks :) I hope things get better for you too!

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It's an interesting game. I liked that you used your personal experiences to make it. I have anxiety, and I think I can relate most to the difficulty of trying to stop(catch) the negative thoughts, and to get rid of them.

I wrote about it a little more in my blog entry, here:

Yes of course! I'd love to read it when you're done if you send it to me too. Thanks for checking it out.

Sure! It's been a while, but it can be found here: :)

I am dissasosiative and this was so real to me, reguardless of the bad things, it was good to recognize that I could "recycle" my thoughts when feeling dissasociated. Thanks for recognizing this, even in a game:)

No problem! Thanks so much for playing and sharing about yourself :)